Finally SpinnerChief is the exclusive spinner that has mutually a desktop and a web version! The web version features most of the functions of the Desktop version, you can both auto and manually spin in SpinnerChief Web just as you can with SpinnerChief Desktop version.


With SpinnerChief Web you can now utilize SpinnerChief anywhere; so now you can not only use SpinnerChief on your windows pc, but also you use it on your MacBook, Ipad and Android device etc. With one software, you can also use both equally the Desktop and the Web Version, there is no additional fee to use the web version!

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Hello World!

I am online today

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Bitcoin Gambling

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Cheapest|Budget|Top 5|Best|Most Popular] Smartphones You Can Buy Online

桩摤敮⁵湤敲⁳潭攠污祥牳⤬⁴桥⁨慮摳整⁷楬氠来琠睡牭⁷桩汥⁧慭楮朠數瑥湳楶敬礬⁢畴潳琠潦⁴桥⁴業攬⁴桥⁇㔠桡搠愠捯湳瑡湴Ⱐ慣捥灴慢汥⁴敭灥牡瑵牥⸼⽰㸍਼瀾䥮⁴敲浳映灵牣桡獩湧⁰獹捨潬潧礬敳猭數灥湳楶攠灨潮敳⁡牥⁡汳漠敡獩敲⁴漠灡礠景爠楮⁦畬氠異⁦牯湴⸠周慴⁣慮⁢攠楮瑩浩摡瑩湧⁷桥渠祯甧牥⁣潮獩摥物湧⁡⁰桯湥⁷楴栠愠␷〰⁰物捥⁰潩湴⸠偡祩湧⁵瀠晲潮琠桡猠慤癡湴慧敳⁦潲敥灩湧⁹潵爠浯湴桬礠扩汬猠汯眮㰯瀾ഊMore Articles:

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Cheapest|Budget|Top 5|Best|Most Popular] Smartphones You Can Buy in 2018

Cheapest Mobile Phones In South Africa

If you’re looking for the best cheap mobile phone, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to T3′s line-up of the very best cheap smartphones available. Get your apps straight from the Android Market, which is accessible from your Android handset. There are over 500,000 apps on the Google Play Store right now, from Facebook to Twitter, games consoles to Spotify, weather channels to the Stock Exchange, with developers adding more and more apps every day. Best of all, a large number of apps are free! So if its the latest free app that you are after, simply log on to the Play Store from your phone and download that new game instantly!

With the Note 7 fiasco and Note 8 launching in October in Nepal, the Galaxy Note 5 is the only phablet with Spen functionality. Launched like 2 years ago, it’s fair to say Note 5 a dated phone. Priced at Rs. 62,900, the Note 5 is not worth it. Although it comes with high-end specs like a 5.7-inch QHD AMOLED display, and a glass back, the design looks dated compared to Galaxy S8.

There are over two billion devices on earth powered by Google’s Android operation system at this time. That’s a astonishing volume regardless of how one looks at it, least of which when taking into account that an Android device can mean , so many distinct applications. Today there are a lot of low-cost smartphones from little-known manufacturers in Shenzhen. These brands have been able to sell phones at low prices — evem under $50|usually under $100 — to developing markets such as India, Indonesia, South America,Russia and Africa. These manufacturers are able to keep costs low because of a myriad of circumstances, including more affordable work force costs, not engaging in on advertising, and using less-than-flagship level processor chips from MediaTek. With Android Oreo Go, These producer may very well cut down on cost even more, since they can decrease the minimum required RAM without impacting on overall performance. As an example ,, at the present time, any smartphone operating Android will need to have probably at least 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage — . Android Oreo Go has been optimized to use just 2GB of storage compared to stock Android’s 5-6GB. This enables the companies to us 1GB of RAM (or even 512MB) and 8GB of internal storage. That means they can trim one of their $130 smartphone to something like $50 or even $40.

Doogee Mix 

Doogee Mix is Most likely the most compact smartphone with a frameless screen available in the market.

When creating this smartphone, Doogee been seeking to combine all the advantages of a high-resolution display screen and a compact suit. As a result, It is able to accommodate a 5.5-inch display in a compact package that is works with only 5.0-inch displays in conventional smartphones on the market. It is comfortable to grasp in your hand and you can keep it anywhere. Doogee Mix display masks not only the side panels of the case but also also the top panel. This concept has no analogs in its class. The frameless display does not show the image in the frame, it gives a true impression of appeal. With this kind of ultra modern smartphone – you may easily keep the whole world in your palm. Doogee offers you a housing design that is optimally fitted for installing a frameless display.

Samsung Super AMOLED display gives vivid and natural hues and a case with ion-vacuum deposition of a thickness of several microns – a deep and rich shine.

The core of the Doogee Mix – the latest 8-core CPU Helio P25 – properly combines high speed with low electrical consumption.

FinFET technology with a 16 nm process technology saves up to 25% of the energy consumed.

The processor clock speed – an incredible 2.5 GHz – will provide unforgettable doses of adrenaline during video games.

RAM up to 6 GB (LPDDR4x) and internal memory of 64 GB – enough space for all photos, music,videos,data and applications.The pairing of the Helio P25 processor and the Samsung Super AMOLED display made it possible to achieve superb power-saving features and, consequently, a long battery life.

The frameless display can work for at least a full day, after which a fast 5 V / 2 A charger will return 80% of the battery charge in just 30 minutes, so you will accurately scrutinize the Transformers 5.The device geared up with this dual master camcorder: 16.0 megapixels. (RGB color) + 8.0 megapixels. (monochrome). The Samsung® ISOCELL matrix Dual image sensors deliver remarkable photosensitivity will deliver you an equally sharp image as if you possess a mirror camera in your hand!

The new smartphone operates under the Android 7.0 OS the newest version with all the highlights.

Doogee Mix offers More personalization possibilities, and more security features. 

BYLYND X5BYLYND X5 Android smartphone was launched in January 2017. The mobile phone features a 5" inch touchscreen display with a image resolution of 480 pixels by 854 pixels. BYLYND X5 price starts from $41. The phone is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core cpu and it has 1GB of RAM. The BYLYND X5 packs 4GB of internal storage that can be expanded up to 32GB via a microSD card. As far as Cameras, the BYLYND provides a 5-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel front shooter for selfies. The BYLYND X5 runs Android 6.0 and is powered by a 2500mAh non removable battery. It measures 143.00 x 71.50 x 8.40 (height x width x thickness) and weigh 105.00 grams. The BYLYND X5 is a dual SIM smartphone that accepts Micro-SIM and Micro-SIM. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, USB OTG ,FM Radio and 3G. Sensors on the phone include Proximity sensor, Accelerometer and Ambient light sensor. 


At the beginning of this article, I asked the question are cheap Android phones worth it?” Two years ago, I would’ve laughed and said absolutely not.” Today, however, we’re in a much better place technologically, and I feel like there is no place that is more clearly seen than the budget market. While current flagship phones are little more than iterative updates of their predecessors, the budget scene is growing by leaps and bounds. The performance and features that you can get for $200 in the current market is simply astounding on most counts, making this a much better time to buy a budget phone.

Android is a mobile operating system introduced by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed principally for mobile devices say like , smartphones and tablets. Android’s software is basically based on touch operations, for example , swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, on top of a digital keyboard for text input. On top of to touchscreen devices, Google has further developed Android TV , Android Auto for cars, and Android Wear for wrist watches, each with a specialized user interface. Variants of Android are also used on notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras, and other electronics. Android’s source code is given by Google as an open source certificate, typically, Android devices presented with a mixture of open source and proprietary software package, including exclusive software required for accessing Google services. Android is popular with technology brands that want a ready-made, low-cost and customizable operating system for their devices.

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Mt.Gox, Dem Weltgrten Handelsplatz

Mt.Gox, Dem Weltgrößten Handelsplatz

Im Rahmen der Weltkriege und der Hyperinflation verlor die Börse Frankfurt zahlreiche internationale Kontakt, konnte sich nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg jedoch schnell wieder als einer der wichtigsten Handelsplätze in Europa etablieren. Uninformiert bleibt niemand im Kryptowährungsbereich, und informieren muss man sich. Aber gerade bei Bitcoins gibt es Tausende Nodes rund um die Welt – und theoretisch kann in jeder Privatwohnung einer stehen. In den Tiefen der digitalen Welt werden Kryptowährungen wie der Bitcoin gefunden und abgebaut.

Das Filtern der besten und seriösen Anbieter im Bereich Casino, Derzeit sind mehr als 2.200 japanische und über 30 ausländische Unternehmen gelistet. Bitcoin hat seine Transaktionen kürzlich verdoppelt, schafft aber immer noch relativ wenig und müsste erst mal auf 15, 30 oder 100 Transaktionen pro Sekunde kommen. Derzeit liegen vier asiatische Finanzplätze unter den Top 10: Hongkong, Singapur, Tokio und Seoul.

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Thinking of trading CFDs ?

This guide from Live4Trading.co.uk can help you assess the risks of CFDs.
This guide has information about the operation and risks of trading contracts for difference (CFDs). In producing this guide, Live4Trading does not endorse or promote this product or consider that it is suitable for many investors.
•   The complex structure of CFDs and the risks associated with them mean that they are unlikely to meet the investment needs and objectives of most retail investors.

Read this guide, especially the section ‘Are CFDs right for you?’ together with the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before deciding whether or not to trade CFDs.
•    CFDs are complex and risky financial instruments. Make sure you understand the risks before making a decision about trading CFDs.

The information in this guide is general in nature. For a detailed strategy that takes into account your individual position and circumstances, consider seeking professional advice from a licensed financial adviser.

Please Remember:
Anything you put your money into should meet your investment goals and suit your circumstances.
No one can guarantee the performance of any financial product.
You can lose all of or more than the money you put in if something goes wrong.
You are taking a huge risk if you put all your savings into one type of investment (for example, trading CFDs).

Spreading your saving between different types of investments (‘diversification’) reduces the risk of losing everything.
Your success in CFD trading doesn’t just depend on picking the right trade. When you trade CFDs, you are relying on the CFD broker to accept and process your trades and make payments owed to you while your account is open.
Nowdays CFD providers have astounding offers to get you open account.

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Hikvision Easy IP 3.0 4K NVR Kit

Hikvision Easy IP 3.0 4K NVR Kit

4K NVR is  a Revolution in HD Technology , Hikvision The World Famous CCTV Manufacturer Provides 4K NVR..

Experience the movement your system is missing with the Hikvision 4 Channel Surveillance Kit. Includes 4 amazing Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras, DVR and 1TB HDD

 The 4K NVR is capable of up to 12MP preview and playback, up to 8-channels at 1080p (4-channel H.265+4-channel H.264) real-time live views, H.265/H.264/MJPEG dual codec decoding. It is ONVIF 2.4-based.

HIKvision   is a world-leading and advanced video surveillance solution provider. Its product portfolio includes advanced series of front-, back-end, display, software and intelligent traffic solutions.

The new 4K kit includes ultra-high definition network cameras and network video recorders, all equipped with a variety of Smart functions. It is ideal for applications where clear, high-resolution images and smart surveillance of large areas are required. These include city surveillance, stadiums, parking lots, and crowd management scenarios.

Using Hikvision Easy IP 3.0 NVR DS-7608NI-K2/4P 8 channel NVR and 8MP UHD 4K Hikvision IP network HD cameras, you are able to customise your selection to meet exactly your needs. 

You can find  more info here

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Mobile Marketing In China

WeChat Marketing

WeChat has become the promised land when it comes to conducting a social network campaign in China. It provides a wide range of services: Instant Messaging, like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Moments are WeChat’s version of Facebook. users post via their profile, and it can be seen in your contacts’ Moments. Official accounts with the subscription. Probably the most beloved feature for marketers and content creators alike. Microsites and app-within-the-app. You can have your own website or app running inside the application. It opens a great possibility for brands as well as online retailers. WeChat e-wallet provides users the opportunity to connect the platform to their bank. Therefore, allowing them to use the app as a method of payment in many shops. You can also buy directly online or in the WeChat mobile commerce platform. Transactions can be made simply by scanning a QR code or transferring payments to other users.

WeChat happens to be the promised land when it comes to conducting a social network advertising campaign in China. It offers a broad collection of products and services: Instant Messaging, like Whatsapp and Snapchat. Moments are WeChat’s version of Facebook. end users post via their profile, and it can be found on their contacts’ Moments.

Official accounts with subscriptions. Probably the most favorite attribute for marketers and content creators alike.

Microsites and app-within-the-app.

Users can have their own website or app running inside the application. It opens the tremendous prospect for brands as well as online businesses.

WeChat e-wallet provides users the option to connect the platform to their bank. Therefore, making it possible them to use the app as a method of payment in a large number of shops. You can also buy instantly online or on the WeChat mobile commerce platform. Transactions can be made merely by scanning a QR code or transferring transactions to other users.

QQ marketing -
QQ is the most famous free instant messaging tool China, and the world’s third most popular IM service. Since its entrance into Chinese households QQ rather quickly appeared as a modern cultural phenomenon, now being portrayed in popular culture. Aside from the chat program, QQ has also developed many subfeatures including groups, games, pets, ringtone downloads, etc.

QQ has 340 million active users in China
Popular cheap smartphones in China.

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Smart mobile Marketing provider



The first  approach to get an inventory going for an cellular advertising campaign is the quaint approach – asking for it. Whether it’s on the register as you might be checking them out or with an indication-up sheet and pen, simply you’ll want to ask. If they are your clients already, simply mention the phrases sale or low cost and they’ll haven’t an issue providing you with the information.


if the same methods would profit your particular scenario. {a single{  One solution does NOT match all. By providing personalised, related content and offers on the best platform, within the appropriate format for customers is vital. Companies that work to gain insight into how, when and where their prospects purchase will be capable of formulate pertinent communications and provides and ultimately drive more gross sales.
Listed below are some tendencies that brand entrepreneurs must be careful to remain on high in 2015.  


want To attract a giant viewers and improve its relations with future customers, it’s also possible to permit buyer advice and opinion to be shown with a purpose to entice folks near to the store. If you want to develop your brand and attain a large audience, WeChat is the very best answer
Intelligent Mobile Marketing Services On All Major Platforms


Our Mobile Marketing platform delivers intelligent advertising and marketing features for WeChat, QQ mobile, QQ news , FaceBook, WhatsApp 5 APP WeChat, QQ mobile, QQ news , FaceBook, and WhatsApp 5 APP , mixed utilizing cell phone cluster state of the art management system and APP control platform,

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