Toyota Camry Review Price

From the known manufacturer of stylish vehicles, Toyota Motor Company, the Toyota Camry is a mid-size sedan that is manufactured in different places including Kentucky, Georgetown, Japan and Australia. In the US, Toyota Camry is one of the top selling cars since 2001. The main competitors of Toyota Camry are Nissan Altima and Honda Accord.

In 2010, there are already more than 313,000 units of Toyota Camry that have been sold and this is way beyond the number of cars sold by its competitors that did not even pass the 290, 000 mark. By the early part of 2011, Toyota Camry has become the best selling mid-sized sedan in the United States. It is sold in five different designs hence whatever your transportation requirements and tastes, you will surely find a Toyota Camry model that will suit you perfectly Autel MaxiCOM MK808.

As mentioned, Toyota Camry has five models available. Four of these five models offer a choice or either a manual transmission or a six-speed automatic. Three out of the five models offer a feature choice of 268hp V6 engine or 158 hp cylinder engines. At the present, Toyota offers a new kind of engine choice -the hybrid engine, which is considered by many automotive authorities as one of the greatest and preferred engine options. Toyota is one of the first car manufacturer companies to create hybrid vehicles that can reduce impact on the environment. Having a vehicle with hybrid engine also allows saving on gas since it reduces the gas consumption. This is really necessary at the present especially that gas prices are continuously increasing.

Toyota always gives a great deal when it comes to comfort and Toyota Camry would not surely disappoint one in this aspect. The Camry has a spacious and comfortable interior. It has more room for the leg and the head compared to other cars with the same price. If you usually go on a trip with a full car, you can be sure that with Toyota Camry, your passengers will not complain about being squashed and uncomfortable due to the lack of space.

With a lot of different vehicles hitting the roads day by day, it is necessary to pick a car that you know you are safe as theoretically as possible. The Toyota Camry has various features that can help in determining that it is very secure and very safe vehicle to use Autel Diaglink.

The Toyota Camry also has stability control feature for more effective cornering. It also has traction control for wet or icy conditions and anti-lock brake system to keep it from sliding. Camry also has an electronic brake force distribution system which lessens the possibility of locking of the brakes. Moreover, it is also built with crumple zones that help in redirecting the energy from the impact of collision away from the passengers to the sides of the car.

At the present, Toyota Camry sports an upscale and elegant look compared to its other versions. Now, it is 2 inches longer from the wheelbase and 2.5 inches added for its headroom making the car more spacious.

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