In the Comments page displays all the comments you have received in your articles, comments, be repeated, are very important and should be moderate , that is approved.
Each time a user inserts a comment of your blog to an article, the comment will go into moderation queue, this section will appear in comments in moderation

Comment Editor

To   approve, modify, delete, or mark as spam comment on this page, simply move the mouse cursor in the comment.
A pop-up menu will appear: Delete deletes the comment and spam and puts it among the spam, in fact.
Choosing Edit Comment enter in the text of the comments, where you can make any changes you wish to comment, also changing the date of publication, format text, delete the url inserted, etc:
Quick Change opens an editor more condensed, which we saw earlier for editing post: From here you can also respond to the comments, by selecting Reply :

Email approval of comments

You will receive notice of comments in the moderation queue with an email like this:

A new commentary on Article # 9 “xxx” is awaiting approval Author: John Doe (IP: xx.x.xx.xx, hostxx-xx-dynamic. E-mail:




Hello, nice post.

Approvalo: http://www. / wp-admin / comment.php? action = but

c & c = 2


& C = 2

Mark as spam:

ion = cdc & dt = spam & c = 2

Currently 1 comment is awaiting approval. Visit the

moderation panel:

comment_status = moderated

From this email, then, but also from the control panel, you can approve, delete, mark as spam comments.

The   comments in moderation, however, appear to be in this section (by clicking on the   heading ” From moderate “) and the Board, including the latest activities of the blog.

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