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A page is different from an article. The items are displayed on the home page, the number we decide on the control panel. The articles are also accessible from the sidebar menu in Recent Posts , Categories , Archives .
A page, however, is an extension of the blog and has information on the blog itself, such as a your small biography, a page for the contacts, one to explain what it’s about your website or blog.
It is also called static page , due to its characteristics that differentiate it from an article. Pages do not have, for example, the date of publication and are called by a different code.
As a general rule for writing a page the same considerations made for the item, plus there are some different menus in the sidebar text editor to consider.

Pages and subpages

Next to the text editor provides you with menu attributes, from the drop-down menu you can choose the parent of the page: ie assign one page to another (and then create a sub-page), or create it as your mother, that is, self- own.

If you leave the selected page base your page is an independent page.

Contact, Biography pages are based, independent, if you want to add, for example, your CURRICULUM VITAE, you can assign it to the Biography page, and L ‘URL would be: / biography / curriculum .

In the sidebar, under the Biography link, you will see the link, indented, in Curriculum.

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