You are now in the control panel, your work area, where you can write articles, publish,
change the appearance of your website or blog, manage your articles, plugin, change the options of the website or blog, in short, you have a number of tools to make your website or blog, original and successful on the web.
The first interface you enter is the Board , which looks like this:
The message area highlighted in pink reads: “Warning: you are using for your account password automatically generated.
Want to change it with one that is easier to remember? Yes, open the page in my profile | No thanks, I do not remember it ever again.

Then choose whether to continue to use the password assigned, or if you choose one. In this case the link will take you to your profile page, where at the bottom you can enter the new password.

Dashboard Structure and bulletin board widget
As you can tell by its name, the Dashboard is a showcase where are posted the latest activities of the blog (inbound links, ie which sites are linked, recent comments to articles, latest articles you have published statistics your site or blog, or how many articles you have entered and how many categories and the number of comments received, etc..
Let’s see how it is structured the Board which has a series of menus on the left side, divided into two groups, one for the actual writing of the post and the other to the customization and management of the site or blog.
Centrally available to you some boxes, called widgets , which are to explain it in simple words, an item, an application, which facilitates certain operations to the user.

The widgets at present, QuickPress, Recent Comments, Drafts recent inbound link.Let’s see them in detail.
Current status : at a glance , as the menu itself, you have to hand the situation of your website or blog, you can know how many articles you have published and how many pages and how many comments you received, how many categories and tags you have created, the name of the graphic theme you are using.
Quickpress: allows the rapid publication of a post.
Recent Comments: shows the last comments received, not just those approved, but also any comments to be approved. These can be approved or rejected directly from this box.
Recent drafts : a list of drafts of your articles. If you do not, you will see the phrase “There are no drafts at the moment.”
Inbound link: the last link you received your blog. “This dashboard widgets queries Google Blog Search so that when an other blog is a link on  this blog will appear here. For now there are no incoming links … yet. It’s ok – there is no hurry. ”
Blog development: shows the latest articles published in just blog on development.
Publish a post with QuickPress
And ‘possible, publish a post without entering in the text, but directly from the Dashboard.
Here is a small text editor to create quick post where you can enter a title, upload images, videos, sounds and other media, tag and save as drafts or publish.
This editor is a criterion does not allow you to store in the right category, but is automatically included in the default category.
Box board
The boxes present on the bulletin board can be closed or opened by means of a small arrow in the upper right corner of each box: This will be the appearance of your bulletin board with pens:

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