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Clicking on Edit Menu Page you can view a list of pages that you have posted, that this screen you can modify.
The page has the same functions as the one we saw for the amendment of Articles, one of these, you can see the drop down menu on the left, allows group actions : for example, you can select 5 posts by checking the appropriate boxes, and choose Delete , then click Apply and remove at a stroke the 5 items.
When you post the pages and pages of search engine at the top right of the page will help you track down the relevant page quickly to change, if you have published several.
To change your affected page will   just bring you with the mouse cursor over the title and you will see a pop-up menu: Edit again will open the text editor you used to write and publish your page.

The link Delete and View allow, respectively, to eliminate it or view it online.

Quick Edit instead opens up a different editor, faster to load because more condensed, you have everything you need to edit the title, url, parent page, template pages, publication date, to enter or change the password.

The editor of Quick Change is very similar to that seen for the items, which in any case of difference, because a page can be assigned to another or having another template and sorting.

Template pages
Some pages may be attached to the template, the menu, the default theme website or blog, you can assign a page of links to the template or example of the Archives: the result is a page that contains the archives Blogroll and their respective categories.
Display priority of pages
Pages, once published, will appear in the navigation menu in alphabetical order, it is possible to view them according to a certain logic.
If we have a menu that Who are they, blog, Contacts, it is good that the order is this and who are, Contacts,’s blog.   This is achieved by assigning a value in the Sorting, setting the value to 0, the page will appear for the first , assigning 1 will appear as the second and so on.

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