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When a lightning strike – or any other form of violent weather

When a lightning strike – or any other form of violent weather – abruptly severs power distribution, there usually is a surge of current that can, in a nanosecond, completely destroy a database and the hardware containing it.

Florida is the undisputed Lightning Capitol of the U. – is to have your data backed up by an online data storage and retrieval service.  For one thing, their effectiveness depends upon human oversight and maintenance – and human beings mean human errors.”

The safe way to protect your invaluable business data – customer background, ordering and contact information, organizational files, etc.  In today’s electronic business world, though, violent weather can wreak havoc with threats to the data that make possible the successful marketing of a service or product.  In fact, the only places on earth relatively safe from lightning are Arctic, Antarctic and the middle of the oceans.  The surge might occur during the disturbance, during operation of the equipment, and/or when power is restored.  Even if you’re not located in a high-risk state, the United States records millions of serious strikes every year … coast to coast to coast to coast.  No business, anywhere in the country, is immune to them.  Destructive power surges can occur on any line running into your office – including AC power lines, telephone lines, and coaxial cable lines.S.

Long ago, the successful sale of whatever widgets a company offered wasn’t much affected one earth rod way or another by weather.

Today, a company’s electronic business data is most likely to be its more important, most valuable asset.  (Accidentally clicked it off?  Whoops!)  For another, if the surge protector has been hit once, its efficacy is immediately cut dramatically, affording hardly any protection at all from any subsequent strikes – yet many companies simply hit the re-set switch and continue using the same “protection., with hundreds of thousands of strikes recorded each year; Texas ranks #2, but Pennsylvania leads the nation in total lightning damage.

If a business happens to be located in a state with a high incidence of lightning, one of the first things the business owner learns is the importance of protecting customer and other business data from the mayhem created by a sudden surge in power.


A simple “surge protector” strip affords only the most minimal protection. One way or another, that means your servers – and all data backed up on them – are at risk.  An online data backup system means that no matter what happens to your physical plant or the tapes, CDs and servers housed therein, your data is safe and you can retrieve it at any time.  Protecting it with an online data backup and storage services ensures that come what may – hurricanes, floods, tornados, storms – that data is safe, secure, and the business will go on as usual

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Let’s start with the basics of dental G-type Clamp

Let’s start with the basics of dental G-type Clamp: different types of materials. Most fillings are made from a dental amalgam of copper, tin, silver and mercury (and sometimes with other metals, too). The American Dental Association has agreed that this amalgam is perfectly safe, and research has proved that you have nothing to fear from the mercury that’s used. This type of tooth filling needs replacement every 5-15 years. You should select a dentist that doesn’t use amalgam because it is not esthetic; patients tend to want a filling that blends in with the # natural tooth. Also since amalgams are metal they are not translucent and it can be difficult to see recurrent decay underneath an older filling,

Some dental fillings are types made from cast gold. They generally last 10-15 years but may last longer because they don’t corrode. But they’re also very expensive, and take longer place in your teeth.

The most common type of filling is a composite restoration. Composite is a material that is made up of micro particles which can be bonded to teeth. Composites are tooth colored and there are many shades which can be matched to ones individual tooth shade. The benefits of composites are: they can be bonded to teeth to create a seal between the filling and the tooth, they are very esthetic, and they last as long as amalgam and they are translucent so you can see decay forming underneath them.

Reasons for Tooth Filling Replacement: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

Replacing a filling n a tooth is sometimes a matter of necessity. You may need to replace your fillings if:

They start to decay: After a number of years your fillings will start to decay simply because you use your teeth so often. When the materials start to break down, bacteria can get into the tooth and cause another infection. If you’re not sure whether or not your fillings are holding up, you should schedule a dental checkup.

They start to come loose: Fillings can loosen for a number of reasons, like taking a “bad” bite or poor cavity preparation. Sometimes they become loose simply because they’ve been in your tooth for a long, long time. You can usually feel it, but a dental checkup can confirm whether or not the seal has broken.

They hurt: Do you have lingering pain in your tooth? A filling replacement might be necessary. Your dentist will usually try to fix the filling first, by reshaping it a bit or filing it down. But if the pain doesn’t go away in a couple of weeks you should schedule another dental checkup to see if your dentists can replace the filling completely.

They’re hideous. There’s nothing wrong with replacing a filling in a tooth if you hate the way it looks. Older fillings will discolor over time, and a mouth full of metal may be unappealing to you now that so many new options are available. Make an appointment for a dental checkup first, though, if you’re considering replacing them just because of how they look. You dentist might tell you that certain teeth should be left alone for health reasons.

The best thing to do when you need advice about fillings is to see your dentist. S/he can give you the most up-to-date information about what will be best for your teeth and your budget.

Dr. Goldberg of Howell Dental Associatesreceived his D.D.S. from University of Maryland at Baltimore . He is a member of the American Dental Association, the New Jersey Dental Association, the Jersey Coast Dental Forum, and the Seattle Study Club. His pursuit of continuing education annually exceeds state requirements including the Mid-Atlantic Dental Implant Center and a 2003-2004 Residency in Implant Prosthetics.
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