Another must place BV206 Control switch for tourists

Bologna contains to main squares, the Piazza Maggiore and the Piazza del Nettuno, located at the central area of the town.000 and is characterized by having ancient walls which separate the central area from the rest of the city. Both of these squares are a must for visitors since they are not only historical but also very beautiful.

Another must place BV206 Control switch for tourists to visit while being in bologna is its main church.

This Italian city’s population is of about 390. Although the hotel offer in bologna is very wide and varied, it is always recommendable to book before going since this city receives a great amount of tourists all year around and it might be difficult to find a hotel room sometimes. This city does not receive a great amount of visitors at any particular season of the year, but it does receive many visitors in a constant basis. Piazza Nettuno is characterized by having the Fontana di Nettuno, a beautiful and historical fountain located at its central area. This church is the Basilica di San Petronio and is considered to be among the five largest churches of the entire world.

This characteristic makes bologna unique and charming as well as allows visitors to enjoy the environment and its essence by going from one point to another.

. This square is surrounded by some of bologna’s most interesting historic buildings, some of them dating from époques such as the Renaissance or even the medieval times.

Piazza Maggiore is located at the centre of the oldest area of the city, and is a place very interesting for tourists to visit while being at Bologna.

Besides its historical buildings and spots, Bologna also offers visitors the chance to meet many other places and enjoy several other activities, by going to local restaurants, cafes, and pubs for example. From them, tourists can easily walk to most of the other most interesting areas of Bologna. Another great building to visit is the University of Bologna, the oldest university of Europe and one of the most valued within the entire world as well

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