YouTube star Tanya Burr flaunts ‘healthy’ bikini body on Instagram: ‘You’re inspirational’

YouTube star Tanya Burr has been hailed  an “inspiration” for promoting a healthy body image on Instagram with her latest snap. The British vlogger is currently sunning herself on holiday in Capri, Italy with her husband Jim Chapman and shared a bikini photo which has won praise from her millions of followers.

In one image, Burr, 28, is sitting on a towel wearing a swimsuit which highlights her curves while another, posted on 6 August, shows the vlogger laying down in a white two-piece bikini displaying her taut and toned abs.

The wholesale bikinis YouTuber was immediately flooded with positive messages  under each picture with many hailing Burr’s curvy figure “body goals”. One of her 3.2 million followers commented: “You have such a normal achievable body, very inspiring.”

Another supporter encouraged: “It’s  good to see a woman in a woman’s body. I’m fed up of seeing underweight skinny starved bodies on social media. You have a great attitude to health and I’m sure your influence on a younger generation is much needed.”

In a lengthy message, one other fan said: “Tanya you are so beautiful and inspiring. I have a similar body shape to you and every time I see you it reminds me that I don’t have to be skin and bones to look beautiful, I just need to look healthy and take care of myself. You express such a positive message; you eat healthy, you workout and as a result you look strong and toned. Thank you for challenging the mental struggles society has planted in my head. More power to you.”

Reacting to the abundance of praise, Burr later thanked friends and fans for their complimentary messages in a brief Instagram story. The online sensation said: “I really wasn’t expecting those kind of comments at all and everyone was just so nice… It was so lovely to get a load of nice comments.”

The positive reaction is a stark u-turn to the summer of 2016 when Burr was body-shamed and accused of editing her bikini photos on Snapchat. After paparazzi photos from her Miami holiday emerged, Burr told fans: “Paparazzi shots are always going to be unflattering because they photograph in direct sunlight. Of course I’m going to stand in a flattering position so i look better but I don’t edit them.”


In recent months, Burr has adopted a strict bootcamp-style fitness regime and often trains with her husband and fellow vlogger Chapman. One video posted on her YouTube channel in May was titled What I’m Doing To Get In Shape and featured a clip of Burr going to the gym and detailing her new fitness lifestyle.

Burr explains: “I’ve been going to the gym lately and it’s been making me feel really good… I have had personal trainers in the past but I’ve been very like, I’ll go once a week and I’ll dread and it won’t want to go.”

Detailing how exercising is also beneficial for her mental state, Burr continued: “We do a lot of cardio and weights and it just makes me feel really good. Obviously it’s good for my body but also just so good for my mind because I’m so busy at the moment with work – I’m doing my third book, I’ve just had my first acting role, Tanya Burr cosmetics is really full-on.

“On top of that just trying to keep up with YouTube videos and everything that I do, my brain can sometimes just get so full that I can’t sleep and feel really wired all of the time and get quite stressed. But when I do a workout, it just makes me feel like all of that stuff goes away. It’s a pretty amazing solution.”

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I Tried The T-Shirt Curling Hack It Got A Little Dicey

Like a beauty-obsessed meerkat, super sexy lingeries I’m always curious to peek out of my hiding hole for new and easy hacks. So, after stumbling across something that caught my eye, I tried the T-shirt curling hack to see if it would make my life easier. Simply put, I am always down for beauty methods that make me feel fabulous in no time.

The T-shirt curling hack, otherwise known as creating “plopping curls,” is a self-explanatory method that involves using a T-shirt to create beach babe waves. As someone who lives by the sea and adores mermaiden hair, I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself. According to a YouTube presenter appearing in a Cute Girls Hairstyles video entitled, “No-Heat Plopping Curls | Back-to-School Hairstyles” the hack takes its name from the process of “plopping” your hair into the tee. The shirt is then tied around the wearer’s head and worn all day or overnight, so the curls can form. I was amazed at the miraculous curls that unravelled out of the presenter’s T-shirt wrap.

Being a lady with naturally straight hair, I was enamored with this method and realized that if it actually worked on my tresses, it could save me a bunch of time in the mornings as I wouldn’t need to dry or style my hair after washing it. There was a small, doubtful voice inside my head, but I ignored it and tried the T-shirt hack out for myself.

The InspirationAs previously touched upon, I took my inspiration from the above YouTube tutorial by Cute Girls Hairstyles. I did however, see other videos, some of which suggested that “hair plopping” was a hack for naturally curly hair, which had alarm bells ringing in my head, because my hair is not curly in the slightest.

So I scooted back over to the Cute Girls Hairstyles video, re-watched it, and made sure to check the description for any information suggesting that “plopping curls” were only suitable for naturally curly hair. Mindy — presumably the same Mindy who presents the video — writes in the video description, “For this tutorial, it is a T-shirt creating the curls.” I supposed this meant it would work for me.


During the tutorial, when she’s flipped her head upside-down in preparation to plop. “Give your hair a shake at the roots, this is just gonna’ kind of separate the curls and any natural curl that you do have is gonna’ come out at this point.” IMO, during this clip, it looked like she was loosely finger-combing her hair, but her mane didn’t look particularly naturally curly. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised to see her wet locks go from fairly straight, to beautifully bouncy and wavy. I couldn’t wait to get started!

The MethodI started by washing my hair. Here I am straight out of the shower with wet tresses. In the video description, Mindy writes, “Be sure to start with your hair slightly more than damp, not ‘dripping’ wet. If the hair is too wet, your curls will not turn out. As a reference point, be sure to notice how wet my hair is when I begin the plopping.”

As a bit of background information, my hair is  thick. A friend of mine told me that it’s not just the amount of hair I have that makes my mane thick, but my individual strands are thick too. It literally takes me twenty minutes to dry my whole head of hair with a hairdryer. I rarely let my hair dry naturally, because the last time I did this it basically didn’t dry — I slept in a braid and twenty-four hours later, I took it out to reveal damp hair, so I still ended up having to use my hairdryer anyway.

With this in mind, I knew my hair would need a little helping hand. So although this hack was supposed to be heatless, I gave my locks a quick blast with the hairdryer, because I knew it would never work on my mane if I didn’t.

Next, I grabbed some mousse as Mindy suggested in the tutorial.

I am not someone who uses mousse on a regular basis, so I guessed that this blob would suffice.

Finally, I followed Mindy’s tips on wrapping my hair in a T-shirt. In hindsight, I probably should have used a tee with larger sleeves so I could secure it more easily. But, it seemed solid, so I took a trip to the land of nod.

The ResultsAfter a rather uncomfortable night’s sleep, where I felt the T-shirt slipping off multiple times in the night, I awoke to this scene. However, I was still optimistic about my potential curls, especially considering I’d partly dried my hair and kept my tee on for approximately nine hours.

Suffice to say, when I unravelled my towel and found this monstrosity, I was not impressed.

As you can see, my hair was not curly in the least, heck, it wasn’t even dry! My mane was wet through and I felt super disappointed.

From the back, you can see how it might have worked if it had dried — my hair was more wavy than usual, but it was definitely more surfer girl than beach babe.

I believe it could have gone awry for a number of reasons: My hair is too thick to dry naturally while trapped in a T-shirt, the one I chose didn’t have long enough sleeves to keep the style rigid throughout the night, I put too much mousse on, or maybe this really is a hack for people with naturally curly hair.

To conclude, super sexy lingeries this “hack” actually made my morning routine longer, as I had to painstakingly brush out the knots and tangles, then dry it with a hairdryer — both of which I could have done immediately after my shower and saved time in the long run. It’s safe to say, I won’t be “plopping” again anytime soon!

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Body Positive Lingerie Doesn’t Kill The Vibe, Proving That There Isn’t A Singular Definition Of Sexy

Body positivity super sexy lingeries hasn’t quite infiltrated every single corner of the world yet, but it’s getting harder and harder to avoid the fact that it’s becoming all the rage in one of the industries you’d least expect: . Indie brand Neon Moon, for instance, raised eyebrows and raked in the cash this spring during its crowd funding campaign for a line of body positive lingerie. And it would seem that the practice is something that’s long overdue. The undergarment industry has, for too long, relied on body shaming tactics and hyper-feminization, which does make me wonder: Can body posi lingerie be sexy, too? OK, forgive the corny Millennial Carrie Bradshaw vibe of that question. But it does remain valid.

We’ve become so used to lingerie pushing everything in, up, and out to give our silhouettes the shapes that we so desire (or, more accurately, are told we should desire). So would lingerie that enhanced — not hid — the body’s natural shape cut it when being worn during a sexy situation?

I admit, that’s kind of a trick question. Of course a body’s natural shape is attractive, sexy, and desirable just the way it is! Of course our partners will be, and should be, down to appreciate the natural beauty of our body the way it is, and no matter what we’re wearing. If they don’t, you have my permission to kick them straight to the curb or pack your bags and walk. No one deserves to be with someone who requires them to wear five layers of shapewear, spandex, and lace to be considered a babe.

super sexy lingeries

All of this doesn’t mean that even the body positive among us don’t still struggle with an idealized idea of what sexy is, or the way that we’re to want to feel when stripping down. While I would consider myself to be body positive, what I would consider my  sexy lingerie is of the typical suck ‘em in and push ‘em up variety. Of course, part of this is personal preference and taste, but the, “Enhance your ‘best’ assets and hide everything else,” message is hard to shake. We’ve become accepting of bodies that look different ways and we’re to see them as sexy — as long as they still conform to our singular idea of what sexy looks like.

One thing that most advertisers and “body positive” lingerie campaigns, like Lane Bryant’s ImNoAngel or Addition Elle’s #IAmSizeSexy campaigns, all still do is put traditional lingerie on different sized bodies and call it a day. Body positive lingerie is about more than that, though. It’s about being able to feel comfortable and confident, seeing the beauty and sensuality of your own body no matter what you’re wearing or what you like to wear. Or not, if sex isn’t something that’s happening for you. It’s about making room for varied gender expression. It makes room for people who are asexual or who aren’t having sex right now to feel cute at the end of the day with no subtext. We’re not quite there yet, are we? I don’t know if I’m quite there yet either.

So, the experiment: Wear some body posi underwear! I was looking for something that wouldn’t inherently change the shape of my body, that came in plus sizes (obvi), something that I liked the look of, and something that was comfy and in a color not normally associated with “sexy time” (i.e. black or red). Body positive plus size lingerie company Hips Curves had just the ticket with the Savoir Faire bralette and panties. I wanted to wear the set on my own and see if it inspired any solo love — and also get the feedback of my partner on the set, especially since my usual “sexy” lingerie is so different.

As soon as the package arrived, I ripped it open and threw the set on. It was just as comfy and stretchy as I hoped it would be and I felt adorable in it: Like I do in the cotton slip and robe I usually wear around the house. I couldn’t stop catching glimpses of myself in the mirror and the novelty of having a plus size bralette was not lost on me. I actually kind of loved the shape my boobs took in it. When my boyfriend got home, I did a little twirl and his first question was, “When did your butt get so juicy?!” I guess all those vintage-rise undies I liked wearing were covering up my booty this whole time. “You look good, babe,” he said. “I like that outfit, it’s cute.”

Did it inspire super sexy lingeries us to drop everything and have sex right there and then? No, but that’s also just not our style. Did it make me feel sexy? Absolutely. In a bit of a different way, too. While I feel like “me” in most of the lingerie I wear, it’s different to feel as you — whether it’s by yourself or by someone else. There are many versions and visions of ourselves that we can express and sometimes it’s so easy to get wrapped up in them, losing sight of the body and the person in it that we love and are so proud of. Sometimes it’s good to take it back to basics, keep it simple, and fall in love with yourself again.

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Feminist Lingerie Brand Neon Moon Launches IAmNeonMoon To Fight Transphobia Body Shaming

Feminism super sexy lingeries and lingerie are a combination that, IMO, should go hand in hand. But thanks to our patriarchal society, which often perceives everything feminine through male gaze-tinted glasses, it often feels like our underwear is sold for its sexuality over its practicality. Lingerie brand Neon Moon has been changing the way we view ourselves and our underwear since spring 2015, when the company received over 155 percent of its fundraising goals via online crowdfunding. This week, its back with the IAmNeonMoon campaign meant to fight transphobia and body shaming in our culture.

IAm NeonMoon comes alongside a new and diverse photo campaign from the feminist brand. The shoot utilized a cis model, a transgender model, and a model of color to promote Neon Moon’s dedication to diversity and body positivity.

Not only this, but one model completely shaved her head through the course of the shoot in order to question the way that lingerie is modeled and marketed in our society, according to the press release for the campaign. It was a challenge to traditional beauty standards in marketing and the media.

super sexy lingeries

Since its birth, the brand has been marketed as “feminist lingerie,” setting out to make what feels to me like underwear that women need as opposed to underwear that men want. The concept has been gathering momentum ever since, as Neon Moon has delivered on its promises and is producing bras and panties that give maximum support and comfort in prices ranging from about $30 to $70.

This summer, Neon Moon gained praise and popularity through its involvement in taking down the body shaming social media accounts of Project Harpoon. When the 4Chan born fat shaming campaign took images straight from Neon Moon’s website and photoshopped one of its models to appear much thinner, Neon Moon’s founder Hayat Rachi refused to let the body policing slide. Not only did the creator of this rad line get the images of her model removed from the Facebook page, but she took an active role in helping the media report on Project Harpoon’s harmful practices, campaigning fiercely to have the page removed.

Only three months after its petitioning, Neon Moon is straight back into the world of body positivity with the new campaign and hashtag.

In the press release for #IAmNeonMoon, Rachi commented on the campaign in one of the most body positive ways possible, placing the focus on the comfort and happiness of women both in regards to her brand and outside of it: “Whether a woman has stretch marks, cellulite, body hair, scars, freckles, or any other natural attributes, they are still women. Transgender women should not be obligated to look like cis women in order to be considered beautiful by society. Its all about women being comfortable in themselves whilst being comfortable in Neon Moon feminist lingerie.”

Thanks to the super sexy lingeries way that Neon Moon bras and panties are designed and manufactured, the shape of the garment depends predominantly on the body that’s wearing it, instead of a piece of lingerie that warps the natural state of the body so that it can fit into the garment. This means that the collection is inclusive of the needs of transgender women, who might sometimes require different lingerie needs than their cis counterparts.

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5 Ancient Underwear Looks That Are Equal Parts Fascinating And Bizarre

Although this super sexy lingeries might not be something you think about all the time, it’s worth mentioning that there are some things in this world that have simply always . And when thinking about ancient civilizations, it’s clear to see that ancient has always played an important role in our garments. In some ways, it’s not that far off from what we’re currently wearing. But in others, it’s definitely .

At the end of the day, the is pretty much the same. I mean, how different can the idea of covering up your private parts really be throughout time? Although the type of material has certainly changed and ideas about what’s fashionable or desirable have fluctuated over the centuries, the basic form and function of underwear have remained largely the same.

Looking back through photos of different types of boob houses and knickers in history, I can definitely say that I appreciate our modern take on everything from basic boy shorts and t-shirt bras to more intricately designed lingerie. I’m certainly glad I never had to live during the ancient Roman empire, when women considered it normal to bind their breasts in a breast band (or ,as they called it), in order to achieve the “perfect” feminine ideal of small breasts and big hips.

super sexy lingeries

After checking out the following types of ancient undergarments, you too might see there’s plenty to appreciate about your Hanes and Fruit Of the Loom as well as the sexy Victoria’s Secret panties you probably buy on occasion.

1. Dating back to the ancient Roman and even Egyptian civilizations, loincloths were regularly used by both men and women. The way in which to wear them, as pictured above, is quite a clever. By using a piece of cloth as an undergarment, you’ve basically got yourself an adult diaper, and I’m sure it would have gotten the job done.

I can’t even imagine what it must have been like for the majority of womankind to be on her period without our modern day pads and tampons. (Like seriously, how did women cope for so many thousands of years?) Underwear would have likely been made from linen for a large part of history, and that may be why we don’t have a ton of archeological proof of underwear from so far back. But artwork depicts loincloths on both genders during this time period.

2. Before we dismiss the Romans for their rudimentary underwear, there is evidence for leather bikini briefs likely made from goatskin, which were probably especially handy for menstruation. Women likely used rags to absorb menstrual blood and these leather panties would have been helpful in accommodating those rags. Who knew that thousands of years later, we’d be using leather in our (kinky) lingerie? I still can’t imagine how annoying those leather panties would be in the hot Roman sun.

3.  You could consider the strophium the ancient precursor to our modern sports bra. Also in ancient Greek and Roman times, women would be seen using this type of garment while they “worked out” or participated in athletic activities. Some women may have also kept these on during sex, which equally baffles me. I think it’s safe to say most women today would agree that there’s no better feeling than taking off your bra at the end of the day.

4. In 2008, an interesting find was made in Austria at Lengburg Castle, where lingerie that resembles a modern bra was discovered. It was previously believed that during much of the Medieval period of history, women didn’t wear undergarments. But according to this find, at least some women did; and considering the garments were found in a castle, it’s probably that ladies of nobility were the only ones able to acquire such pieces.

The “cups” were apparently called “bags” in some writings from the 1300s, which describe how women put their breasts in these every morning. It would appear from the discovery that women may have also worn something similar to modern day panties during this time as well.

5. Corsets were super sexy lingeries used from the 16th to 18th centuries to shape a woman’s torso more than give her breast support, and they were a desired undergarment of many gals during this time. We use corsets in some fashion trends today, but I’m so thankful these are not as widely “expected” as they once were.

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5 Ways To Organize Your Underwear Collection So Getting Dressed Is Easier Than It Ever Has Been Before

Most of us are pretty concerned with the way that we look and present ourselves, thus the importance of figuring out how to organize your underwear. Confused? Just hear me out: When we’re going to a job interview, we want tolook professional; for a night out, we want to getdressed up; and for a night in, it’s pajamas all the way. And unless youre frequently going commando, is a bigfoundation for all of those outfits. Before we get dressed in any kind of clothing, were reaching for our knickers first. And thatfirst step should be as easy as it possibly can be.

What does underwear andlingerie collection look like? Can you find what youre looking for easily? Oris it messy and impossible to navigate, easily making you an extra five minuteslate because you cant find your tan bra and matching tan briefs? For yoursake, I hope thats not true. But the reality is that we too often let underwear be anafterthought when its actually the first thing we have to put on our bodies. Thatbeing said, it is super important that the places we store those private items are efficient enough to keep our bras and undies organized so we haveless of a headache in the mornings.

If your underwear pile looks like avolcano erupted, or if your bras, bralettes, and thongs are all jumbledtogether, here are five easy and simple steps to an organized underwear andlingerie collection. Because no one likes having to search far and wide fortheir favorite bra and undie. Am I right, or am I right?

1. Out With The OldIf your underwear has holes and rips in it,its time to throw that pair out. Same goes for bras with wires poking out of them or missing hooks. Sure, that might be your favorite strapless bra in the whole wideworld. But suffering pain from that lethal wire is not worth it.

super sexy lingeries

Go ahead and toss those old items, as well as items that you dont find yourself wearing often. Unless theyre stapleslike a tan Spanx brief or bralette, youre probably not going to be needing them any time soon. Sort through your things and reduce your collection to only theitems you need, so you wont have to deal with unwanted and unused panties in thefuture.

2. Fold Them CorrectlyI know. I once thought underwear wasimpossible to fold, too. But its all about the one-two-three trick. Take oneside and fold it in, and do the same to the other side. Then fold the bottom in, and ! Your underwear is folded.

Thankfully, bras dont necessarily need tobe folded. To keep their shape, bras are best stored lying flat — like what yousee at Victorias Secret stores. Dont fold one cup into the other, or try tolay other things on top of them. Instead, lie them within each other so it’s also super easy to see your options.

3. Find Organization BoxesBeing organized is definitely easierwhen you have helpful organizational tools. The organizers I have are fromTarget, but similar ones can be found at Bed Bath Beyond, Amazon, andeven through various online retailers. You can also use items that arereadily available in most homes.

Whether its a cardboard box, an old shoe box,or even plastic containers, if you think its a good size for your lingerie andunderwear, then it will probably work. Use however many you think would be bestfor your drawer/closet/cabinet.

4. Sort Them AccordinglyWith the help of the basicorganizers from Target, I was able to lay out my bras and undies according totheir type, use, and color. As you can see, most of my black bras are at thefront of the box while my lacy, colorful bras are at the back. Because Itypically wear black bras on a more regular basis, this makes them super easyto reach for and super easy to put back at the end of the day.

The same goes for my undies,which I organized by type. No, you dont have to label them accordingly withPost-Its, but I did that to illustrate how each row had its own contents. Yourealso welcome to organize them by color and fabric if you prefer.

5. Store Everything Else TogetherAs you can see, I have a lot of comfortable, unlined bralettes that I love to wear, so with the help of another organizer, I was able toput those together, along with some other odd items I decided to keepfrom the purge of Step 1.

Extra storage is ideal for everything from tights to a pair of sheer socks to anything elsethat doesnt fit in either your bra or undies boxes.Because you wont be reaching for this stuff on a daily basis, it will not onlybe easy to find when you need it, but will also stay out of the way when youdont.

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7 Types Of Lingerie Every Woman Should Own Simply For Herself

There are certain super sexy lingeries essential pieces of fashion that arguably belong in every woman’s closet, like a simple pair of ballet flats or a perfect white T-shirt. But often left off of these lists of wardrobe basics are must-have types of lingerie. This, in my humble opinion, is a  oversight because good lingerie is the foundation to any outfit, and pairing the right kind of lingerie with the right ensemble can elevate your look (not to mention your confidence) in a big way.

I used to be the kind of person who totally wrote off fancy and frilly lingerie, primarily making decisions about what underwear to wear based on what was clean. It’s only been within the last several months that I’ve truly understood the appeal of lingerie, especially the ruffled kind. Wearing the right type of lingerie under your clothes can make a huge difference in the way you carry and present yourself. Plus, there’s so much more to lingerie than simply matching pretty bras with lacy underwear. And once you start down the rabbit hole, it’s pretty easy to convince yourself that frilly nightgown is an essential.

So if you’re looking to refresh your underwear drawer, or just want to see if you have all your bases covered, here are seven types of lingerie that every woman should own, from everyday essentials to some things that are a little more special.

super sexy lingeries

1. Neutral Slip

I’ve never been a huge fan of shapewear, but sometimes I just need to wear something under my clothes to ensure that my underwear isn’t totally visible under a sheer or white dress. Enter the neutral slip, made of a light cotton or silk, and preventing you from accidentally showing the world your nipples if that’s not your thing.

The neutral slip doesn’t have to be form-fitting in order to cover the bits and pieces that might need covering, which is why I prefer it to a pair of Spanx. Even though it might not be the sexiest piece of lingerie in your underwear drawer, it’s  a worthwhile item to keep around because when you need a neutral slip, you  need it.

2. Colorful Babydoll

On the other end of the spectrum is the colorful babydoll, which might be one of the least practical pieces of lingerie out there. It’s not like you can wear this underneath a T-shirt or anything. But it’s a surefire way to feel sexy, especially in the bedroom. If you’re looking for something comfortable to wear to sleep that’s still got a bit of glamour, opt for one of these bright babydolls.

3. Slinky Robe

Few things feel more luxurious than putting on a silk or satin robe after a long shower or bath, or while you’re getting ready in the morning. Throwing on one of these robes is a quick and easy way to make even the most boring part of your routine feel a little bit more glamorous.

4. Playful Romper

These sleep rompers will be just as comfortable as wearing an old T-shirt and a stained pair of shorts to bed, but they just look a  bit cuter. They’re fun and flirty without being too intimidatingly sexy.

5. Lacy Bodysuit

These bodysuits can certainly be worn alone, but if you’re feeling daring, throw a pair of high-waisted jeans over a bodysuit and wear it out to the bar. No one will know from looking at you that you’ve got nothing on underneath.

6. Black Thigh-Highs

A simple pair of black tights is every fashionista’s best friend: They’re versatile, add warmth, and dress up any outfit. But if you’re looking for a slightly sexier option, try out a pair of black thigh-high stockings. When paired with a mid-length hemline, they look exactly like regular black tights but feel a little sexier.

7. Matching Silk Pajamas

In the strictest sense super sexy lingeries of the term, “lingerie” refers to all sorts of intimates, and really, not all lingerie has to be low-cut in order to make you feel sexy. Few pieces of sleepwear are more classic than a matching set of silk pajamas. They’re a more glamorous option than sweatpants while being just as comfortable.

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How I Learned to Take Myself Seriously In Sexy Lingerie, Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Im on a personal quest to finally, after an entirelifetime of shunning the very idea of donning any sort of sexy undergarments,take myself seriously in lingerie. Its not easy.

I think the sexiest lingerie Ive ever worn was back injunior high school. I was just discovering my sexuality and Victorias Secretwas the ticket to fulfilling my need to be a grown-up, to defy my parents insome way. I was no longer a little girl and I wanted everyone to know it. Istill remember the horror in my mothers eyes when those lacey thongs showed upin the laundry basket.

super sexy lingeries

Why would you want something up your bum like that? sheasked. Admittedly they werent very comfortable and my relationship with thongswas very short lived, but at 13 I was ready to be a woman. In my mind, women wore thongs.

When I decided I no longer had to prove to myself orothers that Im a sexual being, I sunk into my current and long-standingphase of cotton boy-shorts. Theyre comfy, they can be sexy in their own way,and who doesnt love a woman in her early 30s rocking undies with bunnies andice cream cones on them? While Ive always worn black, lacey bras on top, that doesnt really constitute  in the sultry, ready-for-a-romp sense, and I think its time to stepit up a bit. Just because I dont have a models body doesnt mean I shouldntgive some serious, hot and heavy underthings a try.

Iturned to my friend Alle Connell for advice. As a writer for xoVain, she writes about beauty, embracing your sexy side, and all other things with which I need an epic education. Her #1 tip for me (and you, too)? Get to know what you like. It isn’t just about LOOKING sexy; it’s aboutFEELING sexy. If you’re trussed up in something that makes you feel like aweird suspension bridge, you’re not exactly feeling very hot.

And with that bit ofinput from a woman I admire, I proceeded on with my quest to make my fear of lingeriea thing of the past…though there were sure to be some awkward moments along the way.

1. START THE SEARCHAccording to Alle, the first and most essential step ingetting this party started is searching online for what you like, then going fromthere to the store. You cant really know anything about fabrics, fit, or feel until youactually try it on. Try on everything, and see what you like and what youdont. You might be surprised by the stuff you like best.

2. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONSAlles favorite lingerie store is Agent Provocateur, sothats where I headed. She assured me that theyd be DYING to help you findthings that you love and that fit you perfectly. She was per usual.They were very eager to help and didnt make me feel like my less than perfectbody didnt deserve such extravagance.

3. CHOOSE SOMETHING COMFORTABLEWhen I went into the lingerie shop, I thought, Oh, Imgoing to go crazy and pick something completely over the top! Bad idea. Notonly were the complicated items physically uncomfortable, but mentally, too. I couldnt even rock one alone in the dressing room, so I cant imagine how much of a disaster that would be in front of my husband. So, I went for something that was equallysexy, but in a different way, and tried that. I felt good! I felt pretty damnhot, too.

4.  HARNESS YOURINNER CONFIDENCE AND DONT LET IT GO You may think your boy confidence is nonexistent, but yourewrong. Everyone, somewhere deep inside them, has at least some level ofconfidence. If you cant find it right away, think of times you were proud ofyourself or you surprised yourself with something great you did. Grab theconfidence you had in that fleeting moment and dont let it go. In fact, sinkyour teeth into that memory and hold it there until youre forced to experiencewhat confidence feels like, then implement it into your new life as a woman whowears lingerie.

5. ADD SOME MAKE-UPIf youre usually not a makeup gal then, just like with your lingerie strategy, dont get too crazy. Just a little mascara and redlipstick will help you feel like the seductress you truly are. Why red?Because, and this has been scientifically proven, red increases desire in bothmen and women. So, if youre not brave enough to work red lingerie, your nextbest bet is red lipstick.

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Sexy Indie Lingerie To Wear Even If You Boycotted The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie

As everybody super sexy lingeries and their mother knows — especially their mother — the movie came out this weekend, premiering on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you dashed into the theater, eager for the previews to end and the spanking to start. Maybe you boycotted. Personally, I stayed home and listened to The Weeknd’s song for the soundtrack, “Earned It.” I don’t care how you spent Friday or Saturday night, but I care that you’re well-dressed during your subsequent activities. C’mon, you know what I mean by “subsequent activities” — BDSM is in the air and everyone is contemplating hanky-panky. Everyone and their mother. Especially their mother.

Whether or not you intend to embrace kink, it’s worth surveying the lingerie options out there. Better yet, spruce up the underwear drawer for your own sake! I suggest considering beautiful handmade lingerie from independent ateliers — save up to splurge even if you buy most of your panties in nine-packs from Target. (Right there with ya.) If we don’t support small businesses, especially those run by artists, they will cease to exist! But browsing the options is a delight of its own: So much lace and satin and even organic cotton!

super sexy lingeries

Unfortunately, before I can dive into luxe lingerie, I have to rehash disclaimers about well-known sucky aspects of the clothing industry. First complaint: Plus-size women get shafted. Almost all lingerie models are thin (not to mention white). Most of the artisans featured in this article make lingerie to order, based on your specific measurements, but they don’t bother to recruit any fat babes for product photos, which is not a good sign. Luckily, there are resources ranging from empowering Bustle articles to The Lingerie Addict, a premium blog for satin-loving ladies of all sorts. Some large retailers have stepped up: ModCloth does pretty well when it comes to serving larger shoppers.

Plus-size women aren’t the only ones neglected by most stores, even the web-based ones. Trans women have equal difficulties finding lingerie that fits their bodies, let alone lingerie that fits is affordable! The Lingerie Addict has an article on the topic, as does veteran queer website Autostraddle. (If you know of lingerie ventures that aim to serve trans women, besides Chrysalis, please get in touch so I can write about them!)

With all that said, let’s look at some pretty bras and panties.

I particularly enjoy this because it’s like, “Yeah, I hang out with my cat in my fancy underwear. What the heck else would I do?” The criss-cross bra detail is gorgeous. In general, while curating this feature, I looked for interesting design details.

Speaking of femme buttons! Lavender is a lovely color for fetish-wear. I’ve always been a bigger fan of pastel, floral, cutesy lingerie than the versions in whip-cracking black. Although…

I can see Lisbeth super sexy lingeries Salander wearing that getup, can’t you? Cyberpunk and slightly scary. The concept of thigh suspenders is both slightly dorky and totally sexy. Not a bad combination to carry into the bedroom!

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9 Things I Learned From Buying My First Bikini at Age 20

If you Google super sexy lingeries ”swimsuits” or “bikini” you will be overwhelmed with the number of shopping options you have. There are so many different colors, styles, cuts, terms and prices that I did not know where to begin when I decided I finally wanted to buy and wear my first ever bikini at age 20.

To backtrack on my swimsuit story: I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, so while there were plenty of lakes and pools, I never really went to the -beach. I went to a Catholic high school and am generally just a more conservative person in the way I dress. I had a lot of baby fat in my tummy, arms, thighs and cheeks in high school and it made me feel self conscious even in my bright blue tankini I got at Kohl’s for $22.

Once I got to college in Chicago, I started frequenting the beach more in summer weather and gained a bit of confidence as I learned to love the way my body looked as I got older. Finally, this year, I decided it was high time I try and find a bikini just for me. Here are nine things I learned from trying on multiple bikinis and finally finding the perfect one.

1. “Bikini Bodies” Aren’t A Thing  [Embed]There is no such thing as having to get “bikini-body ready” to try on your first bikini. Do you have a body? Then you’re ready!

super sexy lingeries

2. Start Shopping EarlyI started off my bikini search at my favorite place to shop: Forever 21. But I found myself trying on mismatched suits and ill fitting sizes, mostly because the first mistake I made was to start swimsuit shopping the Fourth of July. Start swimsuit shopping in the spring, when stores still have all the sizes and styles you could want.

3. Start SmallFeeling self-conscious about wearing a bikini in public for the first time? Ease into it. Strut your stuff around the dressing room first to get comfortable seeing and feeling your body in a bikini. These swimsuits show a lot of skin, but don’t spend the whole time scrutinizing your every flaw. Smile and see how cute your tummy looks, how nice your butt looks, how strong your shoulders are, how sexy your legs are.

This is your beautiful body and you have every right to show it off! Once you’ve mastered the dressing room and you’ve decided to purchase it, you still don’t have to head straight to the beach. Wear it around your bedroom, try just sitting on the chairs at the pool or beach, and finally go out swimming if you want. You might be able to complete these small steps in one day, or it might take a week, a month or longer. Just keep trying, and your confidence will build at its own pace.

4. Pricier Suits Are Worth ItSave up your money and take your time to buy a quality made swimsuit. You’re going to be spending a bit of money already on a bikini, especially since most are sold as separate pieces. There are cheap and trendy suits that can fall apart or fade quickly, but if you go the extra mile and splurge on a well made one you can get away with having only one or two bikinis that will last you for several summers at least.

5. “Bikini” Doesn’t Just Mean One StyleThere are different types of bikinis and you can choose the one that fits your style the best. Don’t want to show off your whole tummy? Try a monokini or high-waisted bottoms. Don’t feel like wearing a string thong? Buy a pair of boyshorts to match. You can try the strapless tops, halter tops, racerbacks, and everything in between to see what suits you best.

6. Try Everything OnEven if you think you know your size and favorite styles, try everything on. I love wearing strapless dresses, but realized in the dressing room that I do not like wearing strapless bikinis. I kept self-consciously pulling up the top, so I tried on a classic halter bikini and ended up liking that top way more. I also made sure to jump around, check for tightness in the hips and rib area and considered how the swimsuit would fit once the water made it expand.

If you are going to shop online, have your exact measurements handy since sizes vary from brand to brand. And check the store’s return policy to make sure you can at least exchange the swimsuit if it doesn’t fit.

7. Bikini Shopping Can Help You Love Your Body Once you find the perfect swimsuit for you, life is just a little bit brighter. The last place I visited on my bikini journey was Target, the answer to every shoppers’ prayers. I like my clothes simple, so I found myself drawn to the store’s swimsuit selection that featured bold colors, thicker ties, and more coverage for the tops and bottoms. Their singular pieces were cheap and I was able to get a cute swimsuit for under $50. I was drawn to a hot pink suit that popped brightly against my dark melanin. It fit like a glove and twirling around in that dressing room, showing off what I used to deem “problem areas” felt like a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

8. No One Is Judging Your BikiniAnd if they are, that’s their problem, not yours. Trust me, I know it feels like every other girl at the beach is totally in love with their body and feels 100 percent confident in their bikini, but that’s just not true. I’ve spent enough time scouring Instagram-filtered bikini pics and feeling shy about my own body to know it’s better to find inspiration elsewhere if you can.

One of my personal favorite people to watch is Ashley Graham: She’s a beautiful curve model who feels great in her own skin. I also love seeing dark skinned black women like myself having fun in the sun in their bikinis. Rather than trying to change the way you look to fit the image that tends to be populate mainstream media, seek out happy bloggers and other individuals who already look similar to how you do.

When I went to Lake Michigan with my boyfriend to try out my new bikini I did feel very nervous being so bare around strangers. I wondered if they would judge the cellulite on my thighs or how I still had a little muffin top compared to the flat ab girls playing beach volleyball.

But I saw people playing in the water, playing with their kids, relaxing with their loved ones. I saw bodies of all different shapes, sizes, and colors enjoying the outdoors and being near the water. They were only concerned for themselves.

After that I felt so much more relaxed and confident to also have fun and be myself. I had come to enjoy myself with someone I loved, so after quickly shedding my clothes I asked my boyfriend to take a picture of me posing and smiling in my new suit. After that we ran into the water, splashed around and had a great time. I had chosen the perfect size bikini so I wasn’t constantly adjusting it or making sure nothing popped out. I was able to focus on myself, my partner, and beauty of the ocean.

9. You Might super sexy lingeries Decide Bikinis Aren’t For YouAnd that’s 100 percent OK. Bikinis can be intimidating; they could just not be your style or what you’re looking for right now. If you try one on and decide this is not for you, I am so glad that you even tried. If you try one on and end up loving it like I did, that is so wonderful as well.  For me buying a bikini and wearing it in public gave myself another boost of self-confidence that I really needed and wanted to have. Many consider trying a bikini a right of passage in one’s life and the experience itself can really help solidify a positive body image and calm your nerves about wearing one. Your body is yours alone, and as long as you are loving it and showing as much or as little as you please, that’s all you need to be happy.

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