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The posts display on the home page and other pages of archive can happen in two ways: either in whole or in summary.
In the   first   case   in the   home    page   and   the    other pages   of archives,   such as   archives    monthly, categories and pages of search results, the post will appear in full. In the second case it will be shown only an excerpt, the first 55 words.
With tag More you can decide the length of the extract , you can decide, that is, at what point in the post to be cut.
Adding the tag More at the point where we, the post will be broken. Here’s an example of how you see the post:

If we did not see the extract appeared the phrase “Read the rest of this article,” linked to the post page.

How to insert a tag More? Just move mouse cursor to where you want to stop the post and then click the More button, and in the editor   view that   in the HTML.

Here’s how the visual text editor with tag More added: And here’s how it looks in the HTML: The tag is, as you can see from the editor in HTML <! – More -> From that point on, the post is cut.

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