The text editor

As already mentioned, the editor will be displayed by clicking on Add new , to write new posts, and on Add new , to write new pages.
The editor has two types of modes, visual and HTML, the first screen you can see on the formatting of the text, while in the second you can read and write the HTML code.
It ‘best to use the editor in visual mode, taking into account, however, that in some cases it is necessary in the HTML editor, for example, if you insert a video or the recall of a particular code.

 Bold text

Text in italics

Strikethrough text

Create an unordered list, like this:

• element

• element b

• element c

Create an ordered list, number, like this:

1. element 1

2. element 2

3. element 3

Create a quote. The quoted text has a greater return than paragraphs

Align text to the left

Align text to the center

Align text to the right

Inserts a link

Remove the link inserted

Adds tag More

To make the text editor to view in full screen

Spell checker

Show advanced tools Editor

Makes text as a paragraph, as preformatted text (inside the <pre>), as the address (within the <address>) or securities from h1 to h6

Underlined text

Justified alignment of text

Change text color

Paste as plain text

Paste from Word

Remove text formatting

Inserts objects flash, quicktime, etc..

Insert special characters

Remove indentation of the text

Indent the text

Undo the last operation

Repeats the last operation

Provides information on the editor of text using a frame

Text editor in HTML mode

The editor HTML mode is suitable for advanced users or who have knowledge and familiarity with HTML, which has, over the editor view, fewer tools, in this screen you can see the text editor mode HTML :
Let us explain now the few symbols.

 Bold text

Text in italics

Inserts a link

Create a quote and the quoted text has a return greater than paragraphs

Excellent tool for bloggers. Bar code appears in the text and the date on which that portion of the code has been deleted. It is used when you want to update a post and some of the text is no longer considered valid. This tells readers that the post was modified. Here’s how it looks in HTML code:

<del datetime=”2009-09-14T13:32:22+00:00″> word deleted </ del> The two words have been deleted September 14, 2009 at 13.22 and 22 seconds

This tool is for the opposite operation: it is used when you want to add text. In the HTML code will appear:

<ins datetime=”2009-09-14T14:16:24+00:00″> words added </ ins> The two words were added September 14, 2009 at 14.16 and 24 seconds

Opens a pop up where you want the direct url to the image. Once you have entered you will need to write an alternative text to the image

Inserts the <ul> of the unordered list

Inserts the <ol> the ordered list

Inserts the element tag list <li>. Just select a word or phrase and then click the button to insert it between the tags <li> </ li>

Inserts the <code> to show in the post code snippets

Adds tag More

A sort of dictionary editor. Opens a pop up window in which to enter the search word, which is found on the website


Closes the open tags

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